Publication channels

Within publication channels, you can create data XML outputs for integration with third parties (typically job boards) and their online visual variant in the form of so-called agency portals, thanks to which you can send positions to agencies or head-hunters, and they then send you positions through these agency portals they send suitable candidates.

In this setting you can also configure and copy an iframe if you want to use it to list positions on your career pages.

See the link for managing publication channels.

Good to know & our tips

The newly created publication channel will appear in the "Set publication channels" menu at the bottom of the "XML outputs" section, as well as in the overview of open positions as a new item, where you can see the positions published on this channel.

You can also create publication channels, for example, to display positions published in a different way. E.g. positions are published on LMC portals using a special action in the menu next to the position, and if you want to have an overview of how many positions you have on jobs, you can create a publication channel with the name e.g. "" and publish the position "as if" there - in the overview of positions then you see the number of such positions.

At the same time, agency portals check whether the sent candidate is already in your database and alert the agency worker about it, so you can avoid possible disputes about who found the candidate first, which can often be directly related to commission, etc.

Learn more about career portals in this video:

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