12. 06. 2023

HTML templates

Customize the appearance and content of the offer management templates to suit your needs by creating your own variables.

06. 06. 2023


The new feature of checklists for recruitment stages allows you to efficiently manage tasks in the hiring process and keep track of their completion within a single state in the flow.

30. 05. 2023

Notification of a new candidate inserted from a plug-in

When saving candidates via the Google Chrome plug-in, you now have the option to choose whether to notify colleagues who share the position when a new candidate is added.

29. 05. 2023

Filtering in the database of candidates by start date and notice period

You now have the option to filter the talent database by start date or notice period stored on the candidate's card.

26. 05. 2023

Interview scheduling by the candidate with evaluation of multiple calendars

You can now set up multiple calendars in the candidate's interview scheduling links so that the candidate can choose a time that matches not only your calendar, but also the calendar (or multiple calendars) of, for example, hiring managers.

26. 05. 2023

Scheduling an interview by a candidate with the possibility of multiple candidates on the same date

You can now set up the option for multiple candidates to apply for one appointment in the candidate interview scheduling links. Typically for the needs of assessment centre recruitment phases, bulk recruitment, etc.

26. 05. 2023

Option to select the interview date for the candidate

This feature is useful if you want to use the option to select dates for a meeting or interview with a candidate, but for some reason you don't want to or can't send the candidate a link with a selection of available dates, but want to select for them.

24. 05. 2023

Ability to approve a job offer by multiple approvers

The ability to select multiple approvers within a job offer who must accept the offer before it is sent to the candidate.

23. 05. 2023

Filter NPS statistics results by recruiterFilter NPS statistics results by recruiter

Possibility of "negative filtering" within NPS statistics by recruiter.

22. 05. 2023

Option to disable SLA measurement for a specific position

Within the position settings, you have the option to disable SLA measurement for candidates for the position.

17. 05. 2023

First phase of the ATS Recruitis redesign

Introducing the new visual design of our ATS system. Overall improvement of user experience and functionality

27. 04. 2023

Backward shift in recruitment flow

The backward shift after each stage of the recruitment flow is meant to move back to the previous stage of the process that the candidate completed in case the shift occurred in error and the record needs to be deleted from the reporting.