NPS settings

Want specific feedback from your candidates? Activate the NPS metric and ask your candidates the specific question you are interested in for each stage of the recruitment process. At the moment when the applicant reaches the final stage of the recruitment process, i.e. ends up in rejected or accepted status, then the system automatically sends him an email with a satisfaction measurement after two days.

Recruitis not only automatically sends the email for you and records the feedback from the candidate, but also calculates the NPS metric for a specific position or for the entire company, the value of which represents the candidate's willingness to recommend the employer's brand to his or her close surroundings. The metric can range from -100 to 100, and the higher the number, the more satisfied the candidates were with the selection process.

View the link to manage NPS settings.

Good to know & our tips

Within ATS Recruitis, you can set a question relevant to the given stage of recruitment. Practice shows that one word can fundamentally change the perception of a candidate. Therefore, try to formulate your questions in such a way that the rejected candidate at that stage takes them as relevant and not as a generic template sent by a robot - example: if you see an NPS rejection question before the interview with the words "We didn't have time to meet in person, but we would still be interested Your opinion..." you have a better chance of getting relevant feedback.

The email with the NPS question goes out automatically 2 days after the rejection / acceptance of the candidate. It is therefore important not to communicate with the candidate earlier.

You can find an overview of the received feedback in the Selections - NPS statistics section on a separate page, including the option to filter a specific time period or colleague. You can download the data itself to Excel, or follow the development over time through graphs.

The image below shows an overview of what the email looks like and the resulting link to fill in the opinion (you choose these questions yourself in the settings) and additional questions that the system sends to get feedback:

NPS communication

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