Foreign job portals

Nowadays, it is quite rare to find a job portal that cannot integrate with an ATS. What differs, however, is the technical way (and often the business terms) by which such integration is implemented. Therefore, this list is not a list of all foreign portals that can be integrated, but describes those that have already been implemented and with which we have been involved in communication, so we know the conditions.

The basic type of connection is the connection via the response form, which is the easiest for all parties. With features like the ability to create custom response forms, custom GDPR consents, and custom candidate sources, it's easy to set up within ATS Recruitis.



    • Possibility to insert your own answer forms - YES (free)
    • Possibility of full API integration (publication from Recruitis directly to the answer download portal via JSON data stream) - YES (setup price PLN 35,000 + PLN 1,500 monthly fee)
  • OLX

    • Option to insert your own response forms - YES (only if you have a premium account)
    • Possibility of full API integration (publications from Recruitis directly to the portal for downloading answers via API) - YES (we don't know the price yet)



    • Option to insert your own response forms - YES (free via portal support)
    • Our Google Chrome plugin allows you to prescribe candidates for positions in ATS Recruitis (similarly to Linkedin or some Czech portals)Bulharsko

    • Option to insert own response forms - YES (premium accounts - "This option is available for Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond job offers. The price for an external link is +25.00 BGN for Silver and Gold, free of charge for Diamond and Platinum job offers")
    • They currently do not allow any automated linking, but are working on adding custom response forms


Is your job portal not listed?

It doesn't matter, the procedure for verification and choosing the connection method is always the same:

  • Find out if the portal supports inserting your own response forms
    • This is the easiest method for integration and there is no need to program anything on either side
    • If the portal allows it, all you have to do is insert links to the response forms for advertisements on the given portal (or the portal's support does it for you)
    • Here is a link to an article with instructions on how to integrate with response forms: Response Forms
  • If not, find out if it is possible to use one of the other methods that ATS Recruitis offers:
    • API (rest API ATS Recruitis, or vice versa API of the job portal)
    • XML data feed
    • If so, it will be necessary to call a technical meeting between ATS Recruitis, the portal and you to discuss the complexity and cost of such a solution, or they chose the optimal one for you

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