Example of JenPráce.cz publication channel settings

The publication channel serves to share advertisements across systems, or to create a place for cooperation with agency portals. Here we will show how the XML principle works when setting up the publication channel for the JenPráce.cz portal. It is similar for other portals operating on the principle of XML data.

💡 Here is a link to an article with an overview of portals and integration methods.

1. Creation of a publication channel

The first step is to create a new publication channel. In the "Settings" menu, select "Publishing channels" (link)

Follow these steps to create a channel:

  • select "Add new publication channel"
  • enter the name of the publication channel - in this case, e.g."JenPráce.cz"
  • it is also possible to enter an email address for notifications about new positions (in this case it is not desirable)
  • jlastly, select the format of the statement, which is the format in which the data from the position will be displayed on this channel - in this case, we will select the JenPráce.cz forma

After creation, we can immediately click through to the newly created channel, where at the moment there are no positions and therefore, the displayed error is a desirable state.

2. Activation of integration

To activate on the portal side, you need to send JenPráce.cz a link to the publication channel where the positions for them will be displayed. JenPráce.cz will download them and create advertisements from them.

By clicking on the line "xml: click to copy", we will copy the link and send it to whoever will deal with the integration on the JenPráce.cz side. Typically an account manager for your company.

3. Adding a position to the publication channel

After the portal, in this case JenPráce.cz, activates the publication channel on its side, you can start publishing positions. You ensure publication by selecting the publication channel "JenPráce.cz" for a specific position. The method is different for a newly created position and for an existing position.

1. Publication settings during the creation of a new position

In the last step when creating a position, we turn on the "JenPráce.cz" channel in the "Publish own publication channels" section. We can also set a desired expiration date for a given channel.

2. Setting up a publication for an already existing position

In the menu with actions for the given position, click on the icon called "+ Set publication channels".

Here we turn on the publication channel in the "Add advertisement to these XML outputs" section, set the expiration date and save with the "Save changes" button.

💡 If you want to check that the publication went well. you can view the contents of the XML channel in the browser by clicking the icon to open in a new window in the list of publication channels (link). On the displayed page, the list of active positions should also include yours just added:

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