Email templates

Set up personalized emails for each type of template that the system supports such as sending a message, questionnaire or interview invitation and more.

You can add a new template by using the editor on the right or by editing an existing template and confirming the button save as new.

To ensure the personalization of the email, use variables such as addressing the applicant on behalf of the applicant or using the "gender" variable, which correctly differentiates between male and female communication.

View the link for managing email templates.

What is good to know & our tips

Using the "gender" variable, you can create templates that respect the recipient's gender when sent, and you can thus avoid emails written "forcibly" in the passive voice, etc.

In the body of the templates, you can also insert various links to documents, your social networks, etc., so that you can give the applicant inspiration, or suggestions for getting to know your company better.

Every user has access to these settings, so you can prepare everything for your colleagues yourself or leave the settings to them.

Templates are stored in categories that are triggered by actions in the recruitment process so that not all templates are offered at all times and reduce the risk of submitting the wrong template.

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