ATS Recruitis features

01. 09. 2022

Application for opening a position ("requests")

The request to open a position (or "application") precedes the actual recruitment process and defines the requirements for recruitment, which is then implemented through individual positions within ATS Recruitis.

29. 08. 2022

Attachments of the applicant

Each candidate may have several sets of attachments stored with him, either for different positions or generally for himself as a candidate. This article describes how to work with attachments, why some are sometimes not displayed, etc.

29. 08. 2022

Confidential job position

As part of recruitment, a situation may arise when only certain people can know about an open position - this option gives you a "confidential position".

22. 08. 2022

Offers to candidates (offer management)

How to create offers to candidates in the form of a branded PDF that you can approve within the company and send to applicants for approval.

18. 08. 2022

Foreign advertisements

What is needed in ATS Recruitis to be able to publish on foreign portals?

18. 08. 2022

Tagging notes

Tagging notes will allow you to have a better overview of your notes, including faster orientation in the text.

18. 08. 2022

Option to cancel sending NPS

What to do in a situation where you need to cancel sending an already scheduled NPS email.

16. 08. 2022

Practical example: candidate deletion vs. removing the answer

A practical example of comparing these two system functions, which may seem similar at first glance, but their effects are quite different.

15. 08. 2022

NPS metric

Interested in feedback from your candidates? Within ATS Recruitis, you have the option to set up an NPS metric, thanks to which the recruitment satisfaction question you set is automatically sent to candidates.

11. 08. 2022

Filters in position lists

Within the plugin or applicant database, you have the option of filtering by position. How does this list behave? Why doesn't it include all the positions in the introduction?

11. 08. 2022

Applicant import history

You will be interested in the history of importing candidates if you use the automatic import of candidates from other systems.

10. 08. 2022

Multi-brand in email communication with candidates

What to do if one company logo is not enough for all emails sent to candidates within ATS Recruitis.