ATS Recruitis features

30. 03. 2023

The function to remove candidates from a position directly in the talent database

The function to remove candidates from a position directly in the talent database

27. 03. 2023

Send emails from Recruitis using your Outlook365 account

Emails from ATS Recruitis can also be sent directly using your Outlook 365 account. The advantage of this solution is that Recruitis doesn't send emails for you and therefore eliminates one of the areas that can lead to an email ending up in spam. Your IT doesn't even need to set up SPF and DKIM records.

20. 03. 2023

A reminder to take action with the candidate

Notification of an action I want to do with a candidate can be implemented by a note and notification of it either in the internal calendar or externally in Google Calendar.

28. 02. 2023

Connection with the fajn-brigá portal

The fajn-brigá portal can connect with ATS Recruitis in both directions, so we can post positions directly from ATS to the portal and we can also post candidates who apply through the portal.

02. 02. 2023

Bulk actions

Bulk Actions allows you to work with multiple candidates at once if you need to e.g. send them a bulk email, ask for GDPR consent, share with a manager, assign them to specific positions, add labels, etc.

23. 01. 2023

Option to omit a candidate from the invitation saved in your calendar

Now you can choose whether you want to have the candidate among the invited attendees also for events scheduled in your synchronized calendars (Outlook, gmail).

11. 01. 2023

Sending SMS from ATS Recruitis Recruitis

SMS messages are sent via the ATS Recruitis mobile app.

02. 01. 2023

Classified ads and ad templates

Within the position editor, you have the option to save the itemized position as a template. Alternatively, if you don't finish the publication, the system will save the position as a "draft" and you can continue with it next time.

27. 12. 2022

Automatic response

Within ATS Recruitis, you can set up an automatic response that a candidate will receive if they apply to your ATS Recruitis linked ad.

07. 12. 2022

Who has access to the candidate card

Multiple people typically have access to a candidate's card for a particular position, with several types of "candidate ownership" as well as several types of sharing.

07. 12. 2022

To cancel a delayed email send

If you need to unsend a deferred email, you can do so in the action history of the relevant record for that email. Emails with delayed sending are marked with their own icon in the action history (hourglass)

07. 12. 2022

Position sharing opportunities through ATS Recruitis' internal career site

If you don't have your career page linked to ATS Recruitis, but would like the positions you share on social media to post directly to Recruitis, you can use the reply form.