Integration with the Teamio system

What are the integration options with Teamio?

As part of the integration, you can purchase 3 services from LMC:

  • One-time export of candidates

    • One-time export of existing candidates from Teamia to the talent pool in ATS Recruitis
  • Import positions

    • Possibility to publish positions created in ATS Recruitis to Teamio
    • LMC only allows positions to be written into the draft in Teamium - posting the position must be completed there
  • Automated export of candidates

    • The possibility of automatically assigning candidates from positions in Teamio to the corresponding positions in ATS Recruitis


💡 Within ATS Recruitis, these integrations are free.


What is the integration setup process?

Based on the services you have purchased, LMC will provide you with a set of login data (url, name and password) for each service, and we will then activate them practically instantly with us in ATS Recruitis.

  • One-time export of candidates

    • After purchasing the service, LMC will send you a link to exported information about existing candidates in Teamio.
    • On the ATS Recruitis side, we'll download the data and prepare to import a few candidates for your approval - then upload the rest of the candidates.
    • If you want to combine the import of these historical candidates with the automatic transcription of new candidates, carefully consider the timing of the one-time import so that you don't end up with some candidates only in Teamio
    • Candidates are imported into the talent pool and not into specific positions (data export from Teamio does not recognize positions in ATS Recruitis) and the position name from Teamio is saved as a label for the candidate. It is then of course easy to mass-assign candidates with the appropriate position label filtered in the ATS Recruitis talent pool to an existing position.
    • Communication history, notes, attachments, GDPR are stored for applicants.
  • Import positions into Teamio

    • LMC will send you a link and login details for the integration, which we will immediately activate with us.
    • After setting up the integration in ATS Recruitis, a new item "Export advertisement to the LMC system" will appear in the menu for the position (see image below)
    • The advertisement will be transferred to the draft in Teamium, and there you must complete its publication
    • Each ad can only be transferred once - after transferring for a given position, this item turns "red" and cannot be used again (again, see the image below)
  • Automated export of candidates to ATS Recruitis

    • LMC will send you a link and login details for the integration, which we will immediately activate with us.
    • For the connection to work, after purchasing the candidate import service in the Teamio system, you must manually fill in the ID of the relevant position from ATS Recruitis (ie, for each position in Teamio, you must also have a matching position in ATS Recruitis
    • If you do not link positions in both systems using the position ID from ATS Recruitis, or if you make a typo in the position ID, importing candidates for positions without the given ID will result in an error.

What happens after the integration is activated?

When will I start receiving candidates?

In the case of linking the transcript of candidates from the portal to ATS Recruitis, the candidates will start to be transcribed after activating the link on both sides. That is, already existing candidates in Teamium will not be overwritten, but only those created after the activation of the link. If you want to complete the "active" candidates created before the integration, you can use the plugin for Google Chrome (link to download the plugin).

At the same time, since it is an integration of two systems, candidates are usually not transferred in real time, but at certain intervals. This is especially important to know if you are testing the connection and waiting for the candidate to appear in ATS Recruitis - for connections from Teamio, it is 1x per hour (a few minutes at a time).

How do I know that candidates are writing correctly?

You can easily find out the status of the imported candidates - i.e. whether the import is already running and whether the candidates are correctly assigned to the positions, or which import failed) in the "Candidate import history" menu. Here is a link to the documentation where this functionality is explained.

How do I find one-time imported historical candidates?

Ideally by tag within the talent database.

Practical example: "We use Teamio and want to continue advertising on LMC portals and have automatic import into ATS Recruitis."

Inflow of new candidates

  • In this scenario, you need to purchase a service from LMC to export candidates to ATS Recruitis.
  • In order for this export to work, you will first need to create positions from Teamio also in ATS Recruitis so that the candidates have somewhere to save. To get started, just quickly create a position (link to function description)
  • After you have created a position and purchased a service from LMC, a field will appear under the position name in Teamium where you can enter the position ID (number). Saving the ID creates an active connection.

Import historical candidates

  • If you also want to upload historical candidates, i.e. those who were already in Teamio before the connection, you need to order another service from LMC.
  • Timing is important here - if you do the export of historical candidates before you have positions in ATS Recruitis and you cannot start the automatic export to positions straight away, you will have a situation where you have candidates that are neither in the historical export nor in the automated export to positions, and therefore you have only in Teamio and not in ATS Recruitis.
  • If this happens, you don't need to rewrite candidates manually, you can use our Google Chrome plugin to save candidates from Teamia to ATS Recruitis.
  • At the same time, if you do not want to transfer all historical candidates, but only those who are currently active in open positions, you can also use our Google Chrome plugin.

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