Career sites

Integrating with career sites is a critical functionality that you need to address when moving to a new ATS.

The ideal option is a solution via API, but this means an internal project on your side, which, depending on the availability of your resources, can take a relatively long time. That's why we also offer several connection options so that you can connect the pages as quickly as possible and complete the API connection project later.

Response form

Replace the link on the "I'm interested" button for the position on your career pages with a link to the position's response form.


  • simple implementation
  • you can have different forms for different positions


  • does not deal with the transcription of positions on career pages



Within the "Publishing channels" settings, you will find the data for an iframe that your programmers can insert into career pages. You can also configure the iframe in the settings.


  • it also solves the automatic prescription of positions on career pages


  • it does not handle the more complex logic of filtering positions for the listing
  • has limited graphic processing capabilities


Documentation for API connections can be found here.


  • The resulting solution (appearance, logic, etc.) is completely in your hands and is not limited by anything


  • the speed of integration depends on the availability of your internal resources (mainly programmers)
  • integration takes longer than simple methods see above

Combining an API with a response form in an iframe

From the point of view of implementation, one of the most challenging areas is the operationalization of the response form. In the event that you do not have major requirements to change the appearance of the response form from ATS Recruitis, this can be achieved relatively easily by integrating the response form from ATS Recruitis embedded in an iframe and formatted using a custom CSS file. The rest of the logic - e.g. loading positions, content of individual positions, etc. is done via API.

💡 Example syntax for adding css to a responsive form for iframe

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