ATS Recruitis settings

Overview of individual settings within ATS Recruitis including examples of use.

22. 05. 2023

Option to disable SLA measurement for a specific position

Within the position settings, you have the option to disable SLA measurement for candidates for the position.

17. 05. 2023

First phase of the ATS Recruitis redesign

Introducing the new visual design of our ATS system. Overall improvement of user experience and functionality

19. 04. 2023

Assigning a branch location from the JenPráce job portal codebook

You can set a location ID for a branch in the ATS directly from the JenJobs portal dialer.

12. 04. 2023

Creating a Polish advert

Correct setting of key elements for Polish answer forms, which can then be used e.g. on Polish job portals.

31. 03. 2023

Inserting images in the ad editor

Describing the proper insertion of image links into the body of ads published from ATS Recruitis using URL

22. 03. 2023

Publications to the profession portal via API

It is now possible to publish positions directly to the profession portal via API instead of XML data feed.

01. 03. 2023

Selecting the preferred application language

At ATS Recruitis you can choose one of the preferred languages: Czech, English, Slovak, German, Romanian, Bulgarian and Hungarian. In addition, the mobile app has been expanded to include other languages.

25. 11. 2022


Manage users and their roles.

25. 11. 2022

Email templates

Set up templates for communicating with your candidates.

25. 11. 2022

Definition of flow recruitment

The recruitment process is a key element of the ATS Recruitis setup. You can set more than one according to different types of your positions.

25. 11. 2022

Setting up legal information

Set up GDPR elements to match your regulations.

25. 11. 2022

Rejection reasons

Classify and measure why you most often reject applicants.