18. 10. 2022

Customer support portal - registration and login

Instructions on how to register and log in to the ATS customer support portal

17. 10. 2022

Customer Support Portal - Widget for quick support

How the quick support widget works directly on the ATS website.

05. 10. 2022

Outlook 365 calendar synchronization

ATS Recruitis offers the ability to sync your Outlook 365 calendar, including the calendars you have shared there

30. 09. 2022

Renaming the candidate

How to rename a candidate in various situations such as a name change, a typo in the answer form, etc.

29. 09. 2022

Example of settings for the publication channel

Explanation of the functioning of the principle of integration using a data XML feed using the example of setting up the publication channel

29. 09. 2022

An example of setting up the Welcome to the Jungle publication channel

An example of setting up the Welcome to the Jungle publication channel

22. 09. 2022

Ad response source vs. candidate resource

Description of the items "source of response to advertisement" and "source of candidate".

20. 09. 2022

Scheduling a candidate interview right in your calendar

Let candidates schedule an interview according to their preferences in their free time right on your calendar.

19. 09. 2022

Save the interview question template

Save a combination of interview questions and assessment criteria to use in other recruitments.

14. 09. 2022

Webhooks for system events

Within ATS Recruitis, you can create webhooks where the system will inform you about events in the system. Typically, hooks are used to integrate with career sites.

13. 09. 2022

Preferred location

Setting a preferred location for jobs.

08. 09. 2022

Place of work

Setting the place of work for job positions.