15. 08. 2022

NPS metric

Interested in feedback from your candidates? Within ATS Recruitis, you have the option to set up an NPS metric, thanks to which the recruitment satisfaction question you set is automatically sent to candidates.

11. 08. 2022

Filters in position lists

Within the plugin or applicant database, you have the option of filtering by position. How does this list behave? Why doesn't it include all the positions in the introduction?

11. 08. 2022

Example of JenPrá publication channel settings

Explanation of the functioning of the principle of integration using a data XML feed using the example of setting up the publication channel JenPrá

11. 08. 2022

Applicant import history

You will be interested in the history of importing candidates if you use the automatic import of candidates from other systems.

10. 08. 2022

Multi-brand in email communication with candidates

What to do if one company logo is not enough for all emails sent to candidates within ATS Recruitis.

10. 08. 2022

Buttons not working

Button malfunction is most often caused by badly loaded or blocked java scripts in the background of the page.

03. 08. 2022

User management

Here you will find instructions for adding and removing a user, editing a user and resetting a password.

02. 08. 2022


How does the system of rewarding employees for recommending employment in your company work within ATS Recruitis?

28. 07. 2022

GDPR consents

What you should know about setting up and managing GDPR consents within ATS Recruitis.

25. 07. 2022

Enable personalized calling on the Recruitis mobile app

Settings required to display candidate name on incoming calls for iOS and Android devices.

20. 07. 2022

Displaying the caller's name on the Recruitis mobile app

During the recruitment process you are in contact with many candidates whose phone number is usually not stored, so the mobile app offers the possibility to identify such unsaved numbers based on the phone numbers stored within ATS Recruitis Recruitis.

19. 07. 2022

Reports and statistics

What KPIs can you track directly in the app and what data can you download for your deeper analysis needs?