ATS Recruitis features

07. 12. 2022

To cancel a delayed email send

If you need to unsend a deferred email, you can do so in the action history of the relevant record for that email. Emails with delayed sending are marked with their own icon in the action history (hourglass)

07. 12. 2022

Position sharing opportunities through ATS Recruitis' internal career site

If you don't have your career page linked to ATS Recruitis, but would like the positions you share on social media to post directly to Recruitis, you can use the reply form.

06. 12. 2022

Elimination of the applicant

In the context of the GDPR, candidates are automatically sent to the system on a daily basis. This affects all candidates who do not have valid consent. In this case, personal data is lost and only the candidate's card remains in the ATS Recruitis system.

02. 12. 2022

Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data

If a candidate communicates with you about withdrawing GDPR consent to the processing of personal data and perhaps even requests confirmation of its deletion, the best solution is to have them delete the information using our "unsubscribe" link.

25. 11. 2022

Introduction video with an overview of ATS Recruitis settings

This video gives you an introductory overview of the settings that ATS Recruitis offers.

25. 11. 2022

GDPR changes in the system

Take a look at the GDPR setup guide. Simply and quickly.

25. 11. 2022

Introductory video introducing ATS Recruitis

Short video introducing ATS Recruitis

25. 11. 2022

Comparison of candidates

Set your criteria, add weights to them and let the system evaluate which of the candidates is the best!

25. 11. 2022

Notification of all notes on your positions

You will be notified of all new comments on your posts.

25. 11. 2022

Variable stages of the recruitment process

Set the individual stages of the recruitment process according to your own needs.

25. 11. 2022

External sharing of the candidate cards

Share candidate profiles and collect feedback.

25. 11. 2022

Filling in the candidate's personal data directly from the CV

Update the applicant's data directly from his CV.