How to properly report a problem?

How to properly report a problem?

Most importantly, remember that we can only fix a problem that we can reproduce - that is, you can describe a method that reliably causes the problem. If it is a random problem or a problem that cannot be repeated, it is not possible to analyze it and therefore not to eliminate it.

At the same time, the more information we have at the outset, the faster and more efficient it is to eliminate the problem.

Above all, the following information is essential for us:

  • What page did the problem occur on? Ideally in the form of a link directly to the given page.
  • What position and candidate is it? Of course, only if you report a problem with an applicant or a position.
  • Screenshot or video showing the problem. Please do not crop the screenshot, as it may contain information that seems irrelevant to you, but may be of great importance to the programmer.
  • An exact description of the steps you took in the system before the problem. Resp. the behavior by which you can reliably reproduce the problem. This is important because ATS Recruitis very complex and many of the functionalities can be used in several ways or have been designed with certain user behavior in mind, so it is possible that the error occurred because your process is different.

What to try before reporting a problem?

Since ATS Recruitis a SaaS web application, many factors enter into its operation beyond our control (your internet connection, your security policies within your network, your browser and its plugins, your operating system, etc.), so it is good before reporting a bug ATS Recruitis to try the following to verify that it is indeed most likely a problem with the application itself.

  • Simple page refresh
    • CRTL+R (Win), COMMAND+R (Mac)
    • This can help in situations where the content of the entire page has not loaded completely, or if you have the same site in ATS Recruitis loaded in multiple windows, but with otherwise old content.
  • Page refresh including background files
    • This method not only refreshes the page view, but also all files (typically scripts) that are used in the background of the page or for calculations and rendering of page content dynamically.
    • If all the files needed for the page to work haven't been loaded completely (e.g. due to a connection failure), you may not notice it, but it can cause problems that show up as an error (something doesn't load, the button doesn't work, etc.). This type of page reload will ensure that everything loads properly.
  • Restart the browser
  • Restart your computer
  • Connecting outside your network
    • This mainly applies to situations where it is possible that the display of certain content or the display speed is limited by some element within your network (firewall, VPN, security rules, etc.).
    • Typically, you can connect, for example, via the phone's mobile data and thus bypass all settings and network elements that can negatively affect the operation of ATS Recruitis in a given location - if the behavior is different, it is clear that the problem is not on the side of the ATS Recruitis application itself.

What not to forget...

Keep in mind that the description and other evidence you provide must help to clarify the problem and the solver must be able to understand the problem immediately. If not, and if they have to ask and confirm a lot of things, you are delaying the solution for yourself and adding work to yourself.

The evidence provided must therefore:

  • Support the described phenomenon (e.g. if I describe the problem that the link takes me to the wrong place, the screenshot of the final state does not prove anything, but the video from clicking the link does)
  • Add information for the solution (e.g. there is no point in providing screenshots that are not related to the problem at that point, they would only take up the problem solver's time and create unnecessary questions)
  • If the proof is more complex, it should also contain a clear identification of the problem location (e.g. a label or an arrow on the screenshot)

The evidence provided must therefore not:

  • Confuse the problem solver (e.g. I take a screenshot of one place and describe that the problem is in another, albeit similar place)
  • Mix multiple problems together (report each problem separately, even if they are related - they may have different causes, solvers and resolution times)
  • Be out of date (e.g. a screenshot from the past, or data that you have already overwritten or deleted)

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