Buttons not working

When working in the system in a browser, you may click on a button and nothing happens. In the vast majority of cases, generally in the system, such a button works (it works for your colleagues and other customers), but the problem is only in your browser.

The principle of operation of most of the buttons are so-called java scripts, thanks to which the actions are performed after pressing the button. If the scripts do not load correctly and completely, the buttons will not respond to your request.

So before you report the problem to ATS Recruitis Recruitis technical support, it is a good idea to try the tips mentioned below, they may help you fix the problem immediately.

Possible causes of the problem and their solutions:

  • Badly loaded or broken java scripts in the background of the page
    • The easiest way to get started is to try the CTRL+SHIFT+R key combination (command+SHIFT+R on the mac) - this so-called hard loading of the page will also reload all files and scripts in the background of the page and in the vast majority of cases will fix the broken button
    • If a hard reload doesn't help, try restarting your browser, there may be something "stuck" (it's also a good idea to try another browser, e.g. Chrome if you're using Edge or vice versa to check if it behaves differently there)
    • It is also possible that you have intentionally or accidentally blocked java scripts on some pages in your browser
    • The last thing to try if none of the above has helped is to update or reinstall the entire browser
  • The user behaviour that triggers this situation
    • This is not meant to imply that the user is doing anything wrong, but rather that they are proceeding in a way that is not fully tested or handled in the application
    • What can typically cause problems is if, for example, the user uses the ESC key or the back button in the browser when loading
    • If the problem recurs frequently, it is ideal to observe and describe exactly when it happens, i.e. at what point in the application, what exactly the user clicks on, what he presses and what happens - if the procedure can be described and reliably repeated with the same result, the situation can then be analyzed at ATS Recruitis support



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