I need help with ATS Recruitis

If you run into a problem with ATS Recruitis or have a question you need help with, here's an overview of the ways to get in touch with us, as well as the best way to report problems.

We'll leave the communication channel preference up to you - is one quick phone call enough? You have a list of questions you want to discuss or explain - send them by email. If you want to discuss such questions and show the solution on a video call - make an appointment in your calendar.

11. 11. 2022


+420 724 500 898

11. 11. 2022


jirka@recruitis.io, alzbeta@recruitis.io

11. 11. 2022



20. 10. 2022

Customer support portal - introduction


19. 10. 2022

Customer support portal - creating a ticket

Instructions on how to work with the customer support portal.

18. 10. 2022

Customer support portal - registration and login

Instructions on how to register and log in to the ATS Recruitis.io customer support portal

17. 10. 2022

Customer Support Portal - Widget for quick support

How the quick support widget works directly on the ATS Recruitis.io website.

10. 08. 2022

Buttons not working

Button malfunction is most often caused by badly loaded or blocked java scripts in the background of the page.

06. 05. 2022

How to properly report a problem?

How to best report a problem if you need help.