Initial Training Guide

"Can you give us a quick basic training?" is logically a common question we get when onboarding new customers. Unfortunately, we cannot offer anything like that.

Why? On the one hand, ATS Recruitis is so robust that just listing all its functionalities without a detailed description would take not minutes, but hours. And what is much more fundamental, each company solves recruitment in a different way, with different resources, has a different process, connects different systems and portals, etc., and therefore it would not even be possible to choose a set of topics that would be "basic" for everyone. In other words, a large part of such training could be completely irrelevant to your particular company, and conversely, we could leave out a large part that would be useful for you.Proto veškeré podstatné informace v celé šíři najdete na portále tak, abyste si mohli vybrat oblasti, které jsou pro vás relevantní a projít si je v čase, který je pro vás vhodný.

Subsequently, we can arrange an online training, or rather a workshop, where we can refine the newly loaded information together, put it in the context of how you do recruitment at your place and discuss some of our recommendations or share best-practices from other customers.

1. Go through

If you are just starting out with the system or are planning to set it up according to the specific needs of your company, we recommend the following chapters and articles:

  • General overview of the system

    • Link
    • Here we recommend that you not only watch the video, but also try out the functions that are presented there - thanks to this, you will "feel" the basic logic and operation of the systemDobré rady "Než začnete s implementací..."
    • Link
    • In order to plan your transition to ATS Recruitis, it is important that you understand the whole picture of what this might mean (time-wise, resources, etc.) and decide what, how and when you will applyObecný úvod do nastavení systému
    • Link
    • The system allows quite a large number of settings, but only some of them will be relevant for your business
  • Description of individual settings

    • Link
    • In this chapter you will find a description of each setting so that you can decide if and how you will use them
  • Description of system functionalities

  • Links to career sites

    • Link
    • There are several variants of how to connect to career sites, the article from the link describes them
    • Ideally, share these options with your career site supplier, get feedback from them as well - how long it would take to implement the connection
  • Connection to job portals

    • Link
    • It's important for any ATS to connect to candidate sources to save and job portals are often the primary ones - here's an overview of which portals and how to connectJak vidí systém hiring manažeři
    • Link
    • In most companies, hiring managers are involved in recruitment, for whom there is a special role in ATS Recruitis and the view of the system is simpler compared to recruiters
    • Given that hiring managers spend minimal time recruiting and thus also in ATS, it is important that recruiters understand their view of the system as well
    • A good tip is to create a test account with line manager rights, see the system through their eyes and also prepare a simple guide for them to work with the system from your point of view within the process you set up for themProcvičte si nabyté znalosti v sekci e-learning
    • Link
    • E-learning contains simple practical exercises to verify understanding of individual functionalities and usage scenarios

2. Arrange an online meeting with support

It is understandable and indeed expected that with such a large amount of information, which may be largely brand new, you will have questions about your practice or concerns about how you will cover in ATS Recruitis certain scenarios that you at first glance on the help.recruitis portal. io they did not find.


In that case, you can arrange an online meeting with our support and they will be happy to answer your questions, or explain other connections of specific ATS Recruitis functionalities and recommend the most suitable approach to the given issue.


You can arrange meetings as needed, even repeatedly, if you choose to gradually set up the system or if you want to introduce certain functionalities in stages.


Here is a link to the calendar where you can choose from the free dates for the online meeting the one that suits you: support team calendar


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