ATS Recruitis features

15. 05. 2022

The Google Chrome plugin now also loads candidates from StartupJobs

Candidates from Startupjobs now also via the Google Chrome plugin

15. 05. 2022

Enforce response form language

You can force the response form language in the URL.

15. 05. 2022

Notification of emails sent only to the system email

Added notification about emails that the candidate sent to the system email, but not to your email address.

15. 05. 2022

Webhooks for the Nelisa portal

Let ATS Recruitis automatically download your candidates from the Nelisa portal.

12. 05. 2022


Settings with integrated services, e.g. Slack, CzechCrunch Jobs

08. 05. 2022

End of support for Internet Explorer 11

Support for this outdated browser has ended.