Getting started with ATS Recruitis

ATS Recruitis comes with a standard setup so you don't need any major implementation to use it. But of course, thanks to the flexibility of ATS Recruitis, it is ideal if you set the system exactly according to your needs and company culture - especially your own recruitment process, your own email templates for communication with candidates, etc.

09. 05. 2022

ATS Recruitis from a hiring manager's point of view

How does ATS Recruitis see the user in the role of hiring manager?

06. 05. 2022

Before you start implementing ATS Recruitis...

What is good to think about before starting to implement ATS Recruitis within your company.

05. 05. 2022

Initial Training Guide

How best to jump into ATS Recruitis?

04. 05. 2022

Video introducing the portal

Introducing the portal