Feedback form directly on the page

Help button "?" at the bottom right of the page allows you to send us feedback. As part of this, you can praise us (for which we will be very happy!), but you can also report a problem or have a question about the given functionality.

The advantage is that the system automatically records the logged-in user and also the link to the page from which you report the situation, so you no longer have to describe it in an email, or take a screenshot, etc. Our technical support staff are automatically notified of such a query and will contact you.


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10. 11. 2022

Bulk tagging

You don't have to tag candidates one at a time, but you can add or remove tags from an entire group of candidates.

10. 11. 2022

LinkedIn plugin

Keep an overview of contacted candidates on the LinkedIn professional network and use the option to easily download them directly to ATS Recruitis without the need for rewriting.

10. 11. 2022

Linking new responses from StartupJobs

Use the automated connection with and get notified about new answers.